What a year 2016 was for us! The beginning of last year took its usual course, me getting back into the swing of things after recovering from the onslaught of Christmas. I love that feeling of a  new chapter so refocusing, plotting and project planning are my favourite New Year activities. My first project was our stunning new kitchen area, a reluctant decision to retire the Spray Tan Room and turn it into something more efficient and functional. It took me all of 2 hours to decide this on a Saturday night in early January 2016 and had someone in to measure up on the following Monday morning. By April we had our new Kitchen plus laundry area housed in our original Kitchette. Last January also saw us introduce a wonderful new member of staff to the Dream Team, lovely Lisa Ridgeley.

We also shared the very exciting news of Sophie expecting her first baby around the same time of our in-house improvements. Beautiful baby Freddie made his debut on November 10th. From Sophie’s announcement we faced some major changes to the daily running of the salon as Sophie has been with me for 9 years.

October was a big month for us. Sophie went off on her maternity leave and we celebrated our 10th year in business for the duration of the month. It was important for us to give each and everyone of you the opportunity to celebrate with us so an entire month of brand events, 4beauty cupcakes and glasses of Presecco were in order.

After all the excitement and celebrations all that was left to do was for Kelly, Lisa and I to face the Christmas rush. As usual it hit us like a freight train but we were ready and prepared for it and we thrive on the pressure and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. And yet another year is wrapped up…… You were gone in a blink 2016!

So on to 2017, another new chapter for 4beauty awaits. I like January, out with the old and in with the new, I’m always annoyingly cheery about the first month of the year. So with notebook poised, To Do List 2017 underlined, I’m ready for you 2017, lets do this!! xxx