For those of you we haven’t already told in our excitement I am absolutely delighted to announce that Lisa Giglio will be returning to the Dream Team as of today, Monday 2nd October as a Full Time Senior Beauty Therapist.

Lisa was part of our original line up, as many of you will remember. She worked as a Part Time Beauty Therapist from September 2008 to March 2014 and was always a highly regarded, extremely popular, professional Therapist who was sorely missed when she went to seek pastures new. She didn’t disappear completely, she helped me out on several occasions when we were in desperate need and always kept in touch, popping in socially.

For those of you who were part of her original fan club or those who are just curious to see who she is please feel free to drop in and say hello. She is up and running and has been doing several Saturdays during our busy Summer months and is available for bookings now. On a bookings note… if you like to book online we are aware that we need to avoid confusion with our ‘two Lisa’s’, therefore Lisa Giglio will be listed as ‘Lisa G’ and our current Lisa Ridgley will be listed as ‘Lisa R’. You may also refer to them with their additional surname initials when booking at Reception in order to ensure you have the desired Lisa.

As part of our commitment to the very best service Lisa will be in and out of training over the next month, visiting Decleor in London for a week of brand refreshing and catching up with their new launches and treatments. Guinot will also be providing in-house training here over the course of the next following few weeks so apologies in advance if she’s not available for a booking during these times.

I’m sure all of you will join me and the girls in wishing Lisa a very warm welcome back to 4beauty, we couldn’t be happier.